RV Rental Business Master Class

The RV Rental Connection's RV Rental School Master Class helps Individual RV owners and dealers learn how to run their RV rental businesses more effectively so they can make more money with their RVs.

The problem RV rental operators face is minimizing their risk exposure while maximizing their RV rental bookings. Many RV owners list their RV without first having laid the foundation for their business and they “wing it” from there.

Failing to run your RV rental business with the correct processes and procedures, communication and follow-up can leave you open to enormous losses and liabilities you never saw coming or at the least, bad reviews and experiences that can hurt your reputation and RV rental business. Do you really have all your bases covered?

  • Does your current insurance really cover you?
  • Do your contracts and forms protect you?
  • What are your tax advantages?
  • How much should you charge?
  • What are the best processes and procedures thorough enough to minimize your risk while you maximize my income?
  • How do you know if you are obeying the laws (like ADA compliance)  
  • What are some of the low-cost, high benefit marketing ideas?
  • Are you in control of your RV rental business, or is a big-box RV rental website running  it?

These questions and many more are answered for you in an easy to understand, easy to follow format with easy to implement assistance that you take at your own-pace RV Rental Master Class. Plus there is a complete bonus section in the course filled with forms, advertising ideas and RV rental industry information.

Our Online RV Rental School Master Class helps RV rental operators learn how to effectively run their RV rental businesses so they can make more money with their RV(s). Buy your online RV Rental School today and start improving your RV rental business from the ground up, now.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.  BonnieW@RVRentalConnection.com

Meet Your Intructor

Bonnie Worthington, CEO-Founder RV Rental Connection, INC.

As RV Rental Connection's Founder and CEO, Bonnie Worthington authors in-depth guides to assist RV Rental owners to manage, grow and scale their RV Rental businesses. She is an insightful keynote speaker and has an extensive background in the hospitality industry spanning nearly 30 years.